Offshore Fishing New England
Massachusetts fishing for Tuna, Cod and Haddock.





School Bluefin TunaOffshore Tuna Fishing aboard Schools Out

These school tuna usually run in the hundred pound range and can be up to giant sizes.  We catch them trolling topwater.  Watching them hit the rig is awsome.  It is common to hook more than one or two in a day.  We catch them from the end of June to November.  This is the type of fishing you travel long distances to experience and it is right here in Mass.


Bluefin Tuna

Our waters are known as the best in the world for quality Bluefin fishing.  The thrill of landing one of these giants on our tackle is indescribable.


Although there is no guarantee you'll get one, we always catch plenty of bottom fish, (and the occasional shark) while pursuing tuna.

Cod Fishing




The fishing industry that New England is famous for is still thriving off our coast.  
From Jeffrey's Ledge to Stellwegan Bank, we will bring you to where the cod are.

Now That's Cod

Offshore fishing has been producing some great Cod and Haddock fishing. 


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